Director general’s introduction

As your Director General, it is with great honor once again to present to our Ouje-Bougoumou Cree members this Annual Report on the activities of the Ouje Bougoumou Cree Nation for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. I can honestly say that the position of Director General is an every day challenge and very demanding, but I enjoy working with the leadership and all the staff of the organization. I appreciate and thank all of my Directors for their continuous support and their efforts and dedicated commitment to supervising their staff. With the new change in the organizational structure, the following Directors, along with me are now a part of our Management Committee:

• Director of Human Resources, Carrie B. Simard

• Department of Finance (Treasurer), Connie Bosum

• Corporate Secretary, Lance Cooper

• Director of Social Development, Minnie W. Bosum

• Recreation & Youth, Derek Metabie

• Director of Public Safety, James Wapachee

• Director of Public Works, Freddy Bosum

• Director of Capital Projects, Sydney Coonishish

• Director of Housing, Allen Matoush

• Director of Economic Development, Nathaniel Bosum


With the new organizational structure of the Ouje-Bougoumou Cree Nation, I am very confident and believe that my Directors can more effectively take on their duties and responsibilities in directing, supporting and managing their staff in a professional and fair manner with the support of our leadership. I was on a medical leave for six months; however, and with the great assistance and support of the Interim Director General, Louise Wapachee, the Treasurer and our local departments we were able to once again secure funding from the NRA of the Cree Nation Government for various community capital projects in order to improve the health and social, economic, housing and cultural well-being of our local community members. I would like to take opportunity to thank Louise for the great work she has performed during my leave. Since May 15, 2014 we have been an official Cree Nation Band. A dream came true for the members of our community and we are very thankful to the community of Mistissini, and to the entire Cree Nation or assisting and supporting us with this process. We will continue to celebrate each year in the fall when the land transfer agreement was signed by going back to the Ouje-Bougoumou Point with our members to enjoy time with family, friends and our fellow Crees in Mistissini.