Fire department

The Fire Department is a service that is used by the community 24/7/365 days. There is always a crew of fire fighters on call and ready to respond to an emergency at any time of the day. The Fire Department is made up of 15 trained Fire Fighters and a few untrained firefighters. There is always one (1) Captain who answers the calls and five (5) fire fighters who are ready to respond to any calls day or night. There is also additional help when it is needed. The Fire Chief and Fire Prevention Officer.

The Fire Department is also in charge of the general safety of the community and fire prevention. The Fire Prevention Officer has a responsibility and gets support from Regional Fire Protection By-Law. The Fire Prevention Officer conducts home and building inspections yearly, conducts Fire Drills in all public buildings. At the school, he teaches students about Fire Safety.

The volunteer fire fighters from the Department contribute their time to many community events. They usually provide the security when as is needed.



From April 2017 to March 2018, we had 75 calls in total. The Ouje-Bougoumou Fire Department plays a big role in the community of Ouje-Bougoumou ensuring the safety of all community members. In the emergencies, the Firefighters perform a door to door checks to community members who are unreachable through communication. The Fire Department also conduct Search & Rescue, and Enforce the animal control by-law. We also participate as security for the safety for the members in a community events, such as Halloween, Christmas, Year News, fishing derbies and other events that are organized by different entities.

As of September 2018, all roles and responsibilities from Public Safety were handed over to the Fire Chief.

The Department keeps itself busy throughout the whole year. Such as day to day operations. Cleaning our fire trucks, fire department, tools, bay area, practices, responding to all calls.

We always get the first call from the community members when an incident occurs and we are more then happy to provide the help the community needs. The Cree Nation Governance also assists all Cree Nation fire departments on enforcing the by-law for all fire departments.

We have a Fire Chiefs meeting 4 times a year with Cree Nation Governance, discussing different topics on how to improve all Fire Departments.

I would like to thank all the fire brigades for keeping the community safe to live in, they have an important role for the community. I am looking forward in having more certified firefighters from our community. I would like to see more Youth to join our department.



Stanley Bosum, Fire Chief .


Vision Statement

Ouje-Bougoumou Fire Department is recognized by those we serve, our members as we provide the best fire, medical, and life safety services in the community of Ouje-Bougoumou.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Ouje-Bougoumou Fire Department is to serve the community by protecting lives, property and the environment through prevention, education and immediate professional response to all emergencies.



Honor, Courage, valor, dedication and service