Director general’s introduction

The office of the Director General of the Ouje-Bougoumou Cree Nation Band office is primarily responsible for the overall financial and administration activities.  The position oversees various departments in the areas of Capacity Development, Community Development and Community Service. The Departmental Directors, including the Corporate Treasurer constitute the Management Committee which deals with administrative matters and provide advice and recommendation to the Chief & Council when required.

For more detailed information relating to specific departments I encourage you to take a look at their department pages.


Capacity Development

Director of Social Development:         Minnie W. Bosum

Director of Human Resources:           Stephanie B. Mianscum

Director of Youth & Recreation:         Derek Metabie


Community Service:

Director of Public Works:                    Freddy Bosum

Fire Chief:                                           Stanley Bosum


Community Development:

Director of Natural Resources:           Norman A. Wapachee

Director of Capital Projects:               Sydney Coonishish

Director of Economic Development:  Randy Bosum

Director of Housing:                            Allen Matoush


Mission Statement of OBCN:

To serve Ouje-Bougoumou through community development by providing quality services and programs.


Vision Statement of OBCN:

To inspire community involvement, encourage democracy and empower our people to become self-sufficient community.