Public health

We have been able to promote Brighter Futures and Mental Health Programs which are funded by Health Canada with various activities that promotes and encourages physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of different genders and age clientele. In this report, I wish to stress the objectives of the Brighter Futures and Mental Health Program so that the Community members of Ouje-Bougoumou will better understand the programs. Brighter Futures/Mental Health Program is guided by the following principles:

• A holistic approach is essential to support First Nations individuals, families and communities;

• A holistic approach is best achieved when the five components of the program – mental health, child development, parenting, healthy babies and injury prevention- are coordinated and linked with each other, as well as with other programs and services;

• Including community members in the design of a program increases the likelihood of meeting the community’s need;

• Program designs that are community-based are more likely to meet the needs of the community;

• Program design should occur at a pace determined by the community; and

• A more comprehensive health program is achieved when a continuum of programs and services are offered, from health promotion and ill-health prevention to intervention and rehabilitation.